About Us

PT Surabaya Indah Permai (PT SIP) has been established since 1992 to produce 'Traditional Medicines Indonesia' in large numbers with the brand name "Cap Gading".

PT SIP is committed to continue to provide the best in producing and maintaining products of good quality that comply with international standards. Therefore, in 2009, PT SIP relaunched 2 Flagship products of Cap Gading, namely 'Telon Plus Oil (Anti Mosquito)' and 'Pegal Linu Oil' with ROLL ON application in a glass bottle.

A strong commitment in producing quality products makes PT SIP obtain ISO 9001: 2008 certificate since 2013. This certificate not only shows the advantages of the system or management within the company but also on the staff and all the workers in growing their expertise and knowledge.

PT SIP hopes Gading can keep trying to keep the heritage of the archipelago through its unique products because it comes from natural ingredients of Indonesia. Hopefully Ivory can continue to be a nutritious traditional medicine solution and can always warm the Indonesian family.

Gading - Heritage of the Archipelago

"Being a world-class traditional medicine industry oriented towards the environment and society "

* Producing quality products with international standards
* Develop sales and distribution of job opportunities and to share in the success of a supply network
* Make innovation in products that are useful and valuable to consumers and proud because of the production in Indonesia